So many elements go into hosting a successful event, so let us be part of the event planning process to help you plan the food menu and theme, to bring your party together.

Our flexibility and experience mean that we can customize the catering to suit you, just talk to us about what you would like, and we can create a magical feast without breaking the budget.

Our versatility and mobility mean that we can cater onsite at your chosen event location, so you are able to have your favourite dishes served at your dream venue.

Call us to arrange a menu planning session today and site inspection of your chosen venue.

Want to have fun while planning your event? Why not arrange to visit us for a private food tasting, where we can create some of the dishes you are considering having on your menu. Sample Dux Nutz catering food for yourself and know exactly what you will be getting on your big day.

We can also help in all aspects of your event planning including hiring of equipment, location recommendations, bar and wait staff hire as well as entertainment.

Call us today to start the exciting process of planning your event.

Sample inspiration food menus coming soon….

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